Bring Your Business to Voice

Voice is the future. Are you ready for it?

There are over 100 million smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home in the U.S. alone. Is your business publishing content that can reach them? Soundcheck can help.

Voice and Voice-First Strategies for Everyone

Soundcheck lets you develop the right voice strategy for your business. Start by just optimizing your web content for voice. Then move to building custom interactions and publishing native voice apps. You get everything you need in one platform.

For WordPress
  • Free plugin for WordPress 5 with new speakable block type.
  • Voice dashboard to validate and preview voice content.
  • Automatically add voice structured data and content to posts.
For Newsrooms
  • Publish speakable news articles that get picked up by Google Assistant.
  • Track articles in Google News.
  • Validate and optimize structured data and metadata for voice.