Bring Your Business to Voice

Voice is the future. Are you ready for it?

There are over 100 million smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home in the U.S. alone. Is your business publishing content that can reach them? Soundcheck can help.

Welcome to Soundcheck

Soundcheck is a free publishing tool to get your business onto voice devices. Discover the easiest way to publish content optimized for voice on your website or directly to smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Our no-code tools help you reach the 50% of smart speaker owners who use their device daily.

What We Do

We offer a range of services so that any business can find the right voice-first strategy. Our tools let your business respond to both first party and third party voice-initiated interactions. Soundcheck helps you publish and preview "speakable" web content through our WordPress plugin, track how your web content is being used by voice assistants, and create no-code voice apps for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

First Party Interactions

  • A user’s question is answered with your website’s content via a voice assistant.
  • Your web content is discovered and understood by voice assistants.
  • "Speakable" content and other tools from Soundcheck improve your voice SEO.
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Third Party Interactions

  • A user is directed to your voice app via a voice assistant.
  • Your company is able to control how the user can interact with your content.
  • Soundcheck can publish your interactions to Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
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How Can Soundcheck Help?

Free Features + Benefits

Use your website to publish voice-optimized content.

Help and tools for formatting your web pages for voice.

Build, publish, and promote a voice FAQ for your company.

Easy checklist to track progress making your website ready for voice.

Distribute native voice apps to Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Monitor and analyze how your web content is being accessed by voice devices.

Who's Ready for Voice?

These companies are already optimizing their web content for voice.