Soundcheck WordPress Plugin

Publish, validate, and manage voice-optimized web content.

Bring Voice to WordPress 5

The Soundcheck plugin for WordPress is the easiest way to publish web content that is optimized for voice devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The plugin integrates directly with the new Gutenberg editor to make adding speakable content as easy as point, click, and type. The plugin validates posts to check for the correct speakable markup and lets you preview what voice assistants may dictate from your page. Finally, use copy from your voice-optimized website as spoken content for voice assistants, making WordPress a true CMS for voice.

"Speakable" Content Blocks

  • A custom Gutenberg block for adding Speakable content to your posts.
  • Include copy that is optimized for text-to-speech.
  • Automatically generate the required structured data with no coding.
  • Let voice assistants discover and dictate your web content.

New to speakable content?

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Validate and Preview

  • Automatically check new posts for "speakable" content.
  • Warn when content is not properly optimized for voice.
  • Preview the voice-optimized content on any post.

Help Lead the Voice Revolution

The Soundcheck WordPress plugin is completely free to use. We believe that voice devices are fundamentally changing the way people are accessing content on the web. We want to help web properties embrace this change by adopting open voice standards and democratic publishing.

With open standards, we the publishers of the web can control how our content is used by voice devices instead of letting the device manufacturers decide.

Publishing to Proprietary Platforms

By signing up for a free Soundcheck account you can unlock additional features in the plugin. A Soundcheck account lets you create voice interactions and publish those to voice platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home.